Why I Love Networking #WILN

Why I Love Networking #WILN

Why I Love Networking #WILN

Welcome to mine and This Little Piggy’s first blog!  Here blogging about Little Piggy’s adventures and what’s going on in our marketing world.

Networking is at the heart of what we do – it’s one of the best forms of marketing – people buy from people and word of mouth referrals, furthermore it’s often free.  Great referrals are generated by providing real value to our customers and doing so with integrity.

It’s done in a whole variety of ways – offline in groups like Aberdeen Business Network, Let’s Network, Business Network International, Come Lunch With Me, Aberdeen Entrepreneurs, Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce, Scottish Council for Development and Industry, Aberdeen Oil and Gas Network and Business Network Scotland.  It’s also done online on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

I like to expand the term networking though to beyond the offline and online platforms.  In the same way that “business deals are done on the golf course” keep in mind that everywhere you go provides a networking opportunity, for example the gym, swimming pool, pub, shops, gigs, festivals, college, university and so on – everywhere you go there is potential to meet new contacts and customers, so always have your double sided business cards with you, and get in touch if you want to talk about your elevator pitch and how you’ll be memorable and make an impact in an initial and often brief encounter.

Karen Stewart of This Little Piggy Marketing

This Little Piggy and Karen at Let’s Network Aberdeen

I was really lucky to be nominated by Andrew Smith of Aberdeen Business Network for his #WILN initiative – the mission being to write 200 words on Why I Love Networking, I chose to write a poem and here it is, tell me what you think, keep smiling and enjoy your networking 🙂  Karen and Little Piggy

Why do I love networking?   I’ll put it into rhyme
You never know what’s on the cards, it’s different every time
Sometimes you just click with folk, like you’ve known them for ages
Other times take longer, then you build things up in stages

It helps you grow your business through a wider contact base
It also lets you meet folk – to a name you put a face
It really is a buzz and it can often be inspiring
And if you’re looking for a job then Karen Gauld is hiring

You can also access wisdom on a very wide array
And sometimes you get just the thing to help you save the day
I do believe that everything goes as it’s meant to be
That’s why I met Will Shek, and Nimbus Blue for my IT

So get out there and network, and don’t do things by halfs
Get the vibe, the business buzz, and also have some laughs
And if you’re wondering where to start and how you’re gonna fare
Seek Andrew or Mubasher out – they’re based on Golden Square

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