The Facebook White Screen of Death – a Workaround

Having experienced the White Screen of Death on Facebook for a second time recently, I thought I’d blog some preventative measures that might be useful should it affect you. This is not intended as a slight against Facebook or any other company – just something to help others who may find themselves in this situation.

Facebook White Screen of Death

The first time I encountered the White Screen of Death back in 2017 it sent me into a tailspin to say the least – wondering all sorts – was I banned or reported, or in Facebook jail, was something wrong with Facebook or with my computer, would I even live to tell the tale? (excuse the dramatics but I won’t lie, it was fraught – Facebook is a big part of my business as manager of several pages and groups).

I trawled the web for days looking for and trying out fixes, nothing worked…

I reported the situation to Facebook 8 times over 11 days in total, was anyone receiving me? I did not know, I’m not sure if they fixed things at the end of 11 long days, but I was certainly grateful it was resolved…

Thankfully the White Screen of Death only affects laptops and computers so you can still access Facebook on mobile devices which is a HUGE saving grace – albeit more time-consuming if you’re used to working with software and documents stored on your computer like I am for the convenience and memory size.

The second time this happened I found more recent fixes online and tried one which didn’t work – it reportedly worked for others though so it might be worth having a quick look. Please don’t get swamped for days watching endless videos and trying fixes though as that can eat up so much of your time which can be put to better use.

Having learned not to trawl the web for days panicking, with the benefit of hindsight, I got swiftly into action implementing all the lessons from the first White Screen of Death episode. Don’t you love it when a previous challenge proves a valuable lesson? I’m also very thankful the first time was not in the midst of a global pandemic as it might have tipped me over the edge (yes more drama, but the pandemic has rattled many of us, I’m no exception…).

Advance workaround measures for the White Screen of Death

If you manage multiple pages or groups and want to use a laptop, here are some advance measures to workaround the White Screen of Death should you ever encounter it (you’ll be glad you did this):

– Make a separate personal Facebook profile for backup.
– Give the backup profile admin rights to all pages you manage; tell your clients you’re doing so.
– Add the backup profile as a friend on your real profile – this enables you to add the backup as an admin to any new pages or pages you may have missed.
– Make sure relevant business pages are admins of any groups you manage so that you can interact in your groups from the pages.

How to Troubleshoot the White Screen of Death

– Check it’s not a tech, browser or cache thing – log in and out of Facebook, switch your computer off and on, try another browser, clear your cache – just in case…
– Report immediately to Facebook using this link which will work on your computer even though you can’t see Facebook when logged in
– Report daily to Facebook thereon after
– Search for some fixes if you want, but don’t spend inordinate days on this
– Then CHILL OOT* and get on with your work! Use your phone to access and interact on Facebook with your personal profile, and your computer to access business profiles with your backup profile.

All of this saved me SO much time and turmoil the second time round – I took it in my stride. I hope this helps you too – shout me if you’d like a chat, I help people with their Facebook pages on a regular or ad hoc basis and services are delivered remotely as required, within and outwith Scotland UK.

Take care and stay safe – and see you on the other side ✌️❤️ Karen

*(from the Scottish word meaning out)