Planning and Growth

You don’t build a house without a plan so don’t build a business!

Richard Branson says “Dreams become real when we write them down!”.  So your Business Plan should be the best thing you’ve ever read!  We can help you make it so!

Your inspirational business plan helps and guides you during starting and growing your business – keeping you on track, on target and motivated – it’s your business’s best friend!

We’re on a mission to dispel the myth that the business plan is a necessary evil – something that has to be done not because you want to but only because you have to to start or run a business, or for the bank..

We can help you with the planning process, keeping in mind your specific situation, everyone’s different – some are totally new to business planning while others are well versed, and your business plan is designed accordingly.

Importantly your business plan needs to also have other readers in mind if applicable – be they banks, partners, co directors, investors, grant providers, public bodies or your family, friends or spouse – we help you tailor it to the readers’ requirements.

Even more importantly your business plan should give you a buzz – after all it’s your story of living your dreams – it doesn’t get more exciting than that!