Marketing Tip – Never Miss a Trick!

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I’m often asked “what’s the best way to market my business?”.  The answer is there’s no one best way – that would just be far too easy!  There’s many ways combined and they all work together delivering your marketing strategy.

The good news is that once you’ve identified your specific markets and how best to reach them, you can put your marketing basics in place like the examples below.  When the basics are embedded into your routine, you’re then better prepared to see the wood from the trees and look for opportunities thus never missing a trick.

Here’s some examples of things you can embed into your marketing operations – you’ll have loads more than this!

  • LinkedIn profile and company page
  • Aberdeen Business Network profile
  • Twitter profile
  • Directory listings
  • Facebook business page
  • MailChimp mailing list

With these in place and regularly updated, the aim is then to be in the habit of continually finding new opportunities – marketing is relentless so we have to be unrelenting in our pursuit of new, unique and innovative marketing activities.

Keep your eyes wide open and your ears to the ground for opportunities like:

  • Linking your business to something topical in the news
  • New events you can attend to meet new contacts
  • A famous connection for you or your clients
  • Becoming involved with local events and organisations
  • Helping good causes close to your heart
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The more proactive you are the more exciting it gets – both for you and your audience!

I must add that some of the most effective ways of marketing are low or no cost methods – and I don’t just say that because I’m Aberdonian – but that’s another blog..

Have a blast, make it a buzz and never miss a trick!

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