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Karen has motivated numerous Elevator UK (formerly Enterprise North East Trust) clients to achieve business success and growth through coaching and strategic planning.

Her PR skills have also assisted both ourselves and our clients to attain press and television coverage to increase market awareness.

Karen’s training courses in business planning, marketing, startup and finance consistently received top feedback from delegates. We’d happily recommend her services to anyone looking to develop their business.


Andrew Burnett, Elevator UK


How we helped

We love delivering Enterprise Trust seminars as not only do they inspire and motivate aspiring business people to make their dreams real; they are a valuable networking opportunity for attendees.

Delegates are often very diverse in their backgrounds and business sectors, making for a wide variety of experience and knowledge in the room – there’s always something new and it’s inspiring being in the company of other business people.

It’s very rewarding when clients tell us we’ve motivated them to success and it’s great to see their achievements successfully gaining publicity in the press on and TV. It’s also fantastic to deliver the range of business seminars in an innovative way to engage attendees, for example Business Planning contrary to popular belief is not a dull, necessary evil that needs to be done to run a business or take to the bank, the business plan is a motivating and inspirational business tool which delegates at our seminars learn to embrace and enjoy!

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