Consultancy Services – retainer or ad hoc?

I’ve heard consultants discuss this quite often – is it best to insist on a retainer, or to offer ad hoc and project work?

Much depends on the offering and as much as we all love a good retainer, I prefer to adapt services where possible to suit my clients, rather than impose a set way of working – providing of course that it’s feasible to meet the outcomes within the required duration.

7 Reasons Retainers are Best

  1. Retainers forge a close bond between client and consultant.
  2. A good consultant becomes an in-house department without the overheads.
  3. A retained consultant is part of a team who can also handle unexpected requirements for additional capacity.
  4. The client is assured of ongoing support without disruption.
  5. The more familiar a consultant gets with their client, the more efficient they get meaning increased added value on an ongoing basis.
  6. The client is in control of the ongoing budget.
  7. A retained consultant is ALWAYS working for their clients – mentioning them and keeping alert for opportunities – much of this is non-chargeable it being second nature to a marketing and networking consultant.

7 Reasons to choose Ad hoc Consultancy

  1. Ad hoc and project work fits well with clients who want to address specific matters.
  2. Support is often in the form of training which by nature can be specific and modular.
  3. Ad hoc consulting can fill a gap while a company recruits.
  4. Ad hoc provision can align with clients’ financial peaks and troughs, seasonal trends and changing budget availability.
  5. Bringing in a consultant as and when required provides flexibility.
  6. No long-term contract means no agreement that subsequently becomes a burden.
  7. And finally – when impact like this can be made in an hour, who needs a retainer?

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