Business Training

We provide training and coaching to teams and individuals, our training sessions have spanned from Inverness to the Isle of Man – yes indeed Pigs DO Fly.

Anyone can learn anything they want when they put their mind to it – as Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or you can’t – either way you’re right”. 

Our training sessions are upbeat and motivating, positive mindset is essential in business.

Training and coaching available:

  • · Practical Business Planning
  • · Proactive Marketing – never miss a trick
  • · Effective Social Media Management
  • · Business Networking
  • · Brainstorming and Ideas Generation Session

All training sessions result in practical and implementable action plan which can immediately move your business forward.

Our training courses are tailored to your requirements.

Training is delivered at your pace and according to your existing knowledge. Is there is such a thing as a stupid question? Yes indeed there is – it’s the one that’s not asked.

Get in touch with your requirements, we’re happy to have a chat.